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Manish Sharda.

I met Panditji around 6 years back. First he started with our horoscope and unlike others he mentioned few of the remedies to handle or avoid difficult situations as well he advised for having couple of stones. His remedies really worked well for us. Even after coming to Sydney we consult him and found his insight in to Feng shui,Astrolgy to be very thorough and would recommend anyone to consult panditji as I know we all need right advise at right time which manish can definitely give you all.

Niraj Joshi.

If I had to describe paditji's astrological predictions in 2 words "Incredibly accurate" I have been consulting with him since the last 10 yrs or so and his advice has been consistently invaluable. I strongly recommend if you need solutions to your money, family & career problems"

Dr Sonali Sinha.

Panditji is definitely one of the best astrologer's of his generation. Not only does he have the ability to make accurate forecasts but he also provides appropriate guidance and options conforming to needs and situations. He is a true professional with compassion and a higher sense of responsibility."